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Comparing teak wood grading system

Comparing teak wood grading system

Comparing Teak Wood Grade

Traditionally every teak supplier and manufacturer usually will tell you the  grade of the teak being used to make their outdoor furniture. These days most of aggressive online retailers have stopped mentioning the grade instead they start by saying they are using solid 100% government plantation teak. This is another way to confusing you the consumer. Most of them are using a lower grade teak and staining it to look like more like the universal teak color you have seen here and there.

It is important to understand the grading system of the teak wood. The teak wood grading system as A, B and C is based upon quality and age of the trees used.

A Grade Teak Wood 

Teak wood graded A is wood taken from the center of the trunk where the teak oil is more concentrated. It has very little color variation and almost no knots. It can be produced from trees aged 25 year plus. Most of the government plantation trees are harvested as A grade.  This top grade wood is used to make products used in extreme environmental conditions like boat decks, marine industry, outdoor patio furniture and other outdoor products. It is the most expensive teak wood and getting harder to acquire these days. 

B Grade Teak Wood

If the tree is younger than (15 to 25 years) their center piece is considered as a B grade wood. It also may have more knots and color variation.  It is also plantation teak wood from private growers and cheaper than from government plantations. It is commonly used for indoor furniture because most of the indoor furniture is stained or colored and will not be going through harsh weather . 

C Grade Teak Wood

Most of cheap teak comes from local farmers and possible not sustainable. There are no age limitations they often cut their trees at a very young age. It is 50 to 70% cheaper than Government plantation  A grade teak wood. This grade of teak is used for indoor furniture or handicrafts etc.



Finish Teak

If the teak furniture made with properly process wood It does not need any further protection, sealing or oiling. When you finish A grade teak with teak oil or teak protector you still will see the grain of the wood and it's variations. If you use teak stain it may hide the color and grain of the teak. Many manufactures who use lower grade teak add multiple stains to hide the grain and color variation to make it look like higher grades. 


How to fix cracks and checking in Teak patio furniture.

How to fix cracks and checking in Teak patio furniture.

How to fix small crack (checking) in Teak patio furniture.

Small cracking or checking in teak patio furniture is very common complaint we receive once a while. It usually happen within first 2 to 4 months or after winter/rainy season ends. It is very common with teak furniture to develop some crack due to different weather condition in different area.   Some time due to sudden variation in the weather teak wood grins start opening fast and small crack develop on week area. It is very normal. Most of these cracks close automatically, but some of them start opening wider and wider and might effect the furniture. It is best if you take care small crack on time. You can do it yourself.

Here is how to fix small crack (checking) in Teak patio furniture.

  • Clean the checking (crack) area using water and soap with cloth or brush to remove the dust. Let is dry completely.

             teak wood crack

  • Pure couple drops or more depends upon size of crack of crazy glue or supper glue.

supper glue

  • Use 150 Grit sand paper and sand it right after you pour the glue . It will fill the crack with teak sand dusk and close the crack permanently.

How to fix wider (Medium) cracks in Teak furniture.

  • Clean the cracks with soap and water using cloth or brush to remove the dust. Let is dry completely.

             Teak crackteak crack

  • Fill the crack with wooden glue (recommended Gorilla glue) available most of the hardware store. I 

gorila glue

  • Use clamper Close the crack; Remover extra glue came out due to clamping presser. Leave the clamps on for 8 to 10 hours. Once it is dried remove the clamps and use little sharp object to remove extra left over glue.
  • Use 150 plus grit sand paper and sand it all around the crack until it smoothness match rest of the piece.


Teak Furniture Care Preserves Your Furniture

Once you've made an investment you want to ensure that it is taken care of. Sometimes that investment can be maintained by someone other than you but sometimes it takes your time and energy to learn how to care for it yourself. When it comes to teak outdoor furniture care the time you put into making sure your patio furniture looks its best is well worth the effort. You can find tips and even the products it takes to maintain the durability and appearance of your teak furniture.

Know more about Teak Wood

Teak is sturdy water –resistant, close grain hardwood that frequently used for outdoor living and furnishing. Because of its strength of high in natural oil and rubber content, it adjusts very well in different weather condition. Teak is the only timber that can withstand in hot sun, rain, frost or snow and immune to rotting, fungi and harsh chemicals. Teak wood needs to be properly processed (Kiln Dried) before constructing furniture,

Teak is a tropical hardwood with a beautiful golden /honey brown color when it is new. Over time, as natural teak is exposed to the elements, it gradually changes color from the honey color of new teak to a silver-grey patina which distinguishes finely aged, outdoor teak. After a while this silver-grey patina deteriorates to a dark-grey and greenish look if it remains untreated. Remember if you need to restore teak furniture we do provide this service with very minimum cost.

Choosing Teak Furniture for Commercial Use

Choosing Teak Furniture for Commercial Use

Choosing Teak Furniture for Commercial Use

Classic Commercial Teak Bench is there really a difference between the quality of furniture designed for residential use and the patio tables, chairs, and bar stools used in commercial settings? The short answer is, yes. Commercial grade furniture is quality engineered and manufactured to withstand the heavy-duty trials of public use. Commercial furniture must undergo stability, durability, and weight testing to meet the commercial grade standards. These standards are designed to ensure the repetitive usage of the product by people of all shapes and sizes. Designed for heavy everyday use, commercial furniture can withstand the rigors of the hospitality industry and typically outlast their consumer grade counterparts.

Commercial Teak Bench

Why is this important? For one, even though the upfront cost of commercial grade furniture may be more than consumer grade furniture, you will want to avoid the additional costs and aggravation of repairing or replacing your furniture in the future. Additionally, you want to prevent as many accidents as possible, and by using the right commercial grade furniture, you reduce the risk of injury. In addition to someone getting hurt, the costs of settling accident reports and incidents can be a disaster for a business.

Classic Teak offers a large selection of commercial grade teak furniture for your inside or outside patio area. From teak and stainless steal chairs & benches to commercial patio umbrellas and bases, we have been working with resorts, hotels, golf clubs, corporate offices, restaurants, retreats, condominiums, estates and upscale homes, and business owners all over the United States since 1999.

From The Patio To The Shower, Teak Is The Best Choice!

Teak Cutting BoardLooking for a gift for the person who has everything? It’s often difficult to find something for someone with discerning taste. Maybe you just want to find something for your home that will spark interest or conversation. Maybe you just want something that exudes classy style to dress up an area in your house. Maybe none of these are your goals but you appreciate quality and want something that will stand the test of time. There’s only one answer to all of these possibilities and its teak accessories. Teak accessories for the homeoutdoor table and chairs it’s possible to accent your home with any number of elegant teak accessories. The most obvious choice when moving from teak furnishings to teak accessories comes in the form of teak planters, teak storage boxes and even teak ice chests. Teak planters are the perfect accent pieces for indoors and out. The water resistant quality makes for a durable planter that will last for years to come. In the same vein teak storage boxes are the perfect choice for outdoor storage that has style and great durability. If you need a convenient place to store those extra pool toys or towels then a teak storage box is a great choice. Those same teak storage boxes make a great toy box or hope chest for inside the home as well. Teak ice boxes are the perfect choice for the man who has everything. These sturdy boxes are an elegant replacement for the typical ice box coolers. A teak swing makes for
lasting fun for the little ones. Teak Folding Shower MatPerhaps one of the more logical places to use teak accessories inside would be the bathroom. Where could we possibly need something that is water resistant more? Teak accessories have evolved into some truly beautiful shower benches and shelving units that not only hold up but add an elegant touch to any bathroom. A teak towel rack will hold those damp towels without eroding or molding. If you hate seeing that moldy bath mat in your shower or tub then try out one of the many teak shower mats on the market today. A teak bath mat dresses up any bathroom more than any rug could ever hope to. Teak Oval Shower Bench
Teak accessories for the kitchen are one of my favorite choices. I love a good wood cutting board and what could be better than a teak cutting board? We already know that teak is durable and water resistant so why not add its vibrant pattern to the décor of our kitchen? Remember those hard to buy for friends and relatives? Teak kitchen accessories are the perfect choice for someone who seems to have everything. Choose from teak cutting boards, teak paper towel holders, teak trivets, and teak Lazy Susan’s for the perfect gift for any kitchen enthusiast. Whether you are looking for elegant, durable outdoor furnishings or classy indoor accents, teak is a great choice. Teak wood is very durable and weather resistant as well as being a very beautiful addition to any home. Teak accessories for the home make great gifts for those “hard to buy for” people on your list and a great way to treat yourself. Don’t just leave your teak out in the cold; bring it inside and enjoy!

Replace Forgettable Fads With Stylish Outdoor Trends

Smooth. Simple. Contemporary. Those words describe 2016’s updated exterior living vibe. Going out of favor are high-maintenance grassy lawns, ornate wrought-iron furniture, and fussy floral patterns. Materials that transition seamlessly between seasons, withstanding the elements are replacing everything with demanding upkeep, antique intricacies, and over-styled airs. The on-trend substitutes and inspiring makeover ideas below will transform your outdoor spaces into modern ideals.

Teak folding Chairs

Ground Surfaces

How do you want to spend your free time? Weeding, mowing, and trimming — or sipping a cool drink leisurely?

Preferred ways to reduce regular yard work include creating patios and decks as alternative foundation surfaces. Approach construction with an architect’s eye so additions will look and feel like original extensions of your home’s distinctive style — not afterthoughts. Anchor areas with faux green grass rugs to outline external rooms while reflecting your lawn’s natural splendor.

Clean Lines

In a fresh twist, popular groupings are pairing materials with clean lines and straight edges such as:

Concrete: Mixing this substance with resin and fiberglass tones down its harsh corners. In various forms, concrete elements are becoming decorative touches. Some designers are stamping concrete patio floors in tasteful ways. Others are placing slabs over legs of numerous materials as unique coffee table toppers. However you incorporate this craze, longwearing creations bring sleek, all-weather performance.

Teak: Break away from light or white furnishing colors in warm months. Minimal effort will preserve enduring teak’s original honey brown shade. Or skip routine care, allowing weather exposure to change this hardwood’s hue gradually to a finely aged silvery gray patina. Untreated, that tone will become a dark grayish green eventually. Despite its evolving appearance, resilient teak retains its durable strength.

Metals: Stainless steel’s gleaming appeal adds sharp definition as an outdoor accent. Need more seating for backyard bashes? Give metal-accented chairs cheerful facelifts. Spray painting fun colors over boring shades will sneak multihued character into party settings.

Dazzling Colors

The traditional overdone habit of tying outside scenes to surrounding blooms with floral prints is disappearing. That doesn’t mean downplaying looks with drab paleness. Vibrant solids are seizing notice. Vivid aquamarine and tangerine accents splash intensities that contrast against natural wood and fabricated slate-gray textures. Plush cushions, umbrellas, throw pillows, and blankets in those shades will soften hard furniture angles with colorful comfort. For extra zing, extend those standout tints in tableware, trays, candleholders, and planters.

Furniture Placement

Even without confining walls like interior rooms, furnishing arrangements can define separate living zones. Consider these modern examples featuring the decorating tips above.

Teak Rocking Chair

Dining: To enjoy al fresco meals, combine Classic Teak furniture with stainless steel chairs. Our dining tables encompass oval, round, rectangular, and square shapes. Various dimensions will fit spaces from close and cozy to sizeable and spacious, accommodating up to 12 people. For greater versatility, check out extension, drop-leaf, and folding options. Create a casual elevated picnic by providing pillow and blanket padding under rectangular teak coffee tables. Scatter stainless steel lanterns for a mood-enhancing glow.

Visiting: Arrange teak deck furniture such as club chairs around a concrete coffee table to organize a conversation area that exudes eclectic sophistication and sumptuous softness. Our deep-seating cushions come in a lavish array of 60 shades and patterns to suit diverse decor.

Weather protection: Choose from assorted patio umbrella styles, shapes, and sizes in fashionable colors to shield family and friends from sun and sprinkles. To make shading adjustments in especially sunny locations, consider tilting and cantilever models.

Movie night: Invite parents and kids to backyard movie night, a crowd favorite that brings everyone together under the stars. Position your projection screen with varied seating allowing good views. In the back, arrange outdoor furniture like teak chairs from club to beach and reclining types including slumber and lounge styles. Mix in your painted metal chairs for surprising color bursts. Place blankets and pillows in the front area. Prepare a snack bar offering multiple beverages, popcorn flavors, and candies.

Blanket stand: When nights start turning chilly after sundown, be ready to supply cozy warmth. A stationary or folding teak side table can double as a blanket stand. Stack folded quilts in a pile so shivering partiers can grab them as needed. Everyone will appreciate your forethought.

Accents: Work aquamarine and tangerine into cushion and umbrella fabrics along with other accent pieces. Or choose other tones that pop against your home’s exterior and foliage to renew your surroundings.

Teak Benches Make Outdoor Spaces More Inviting

Balcony. Porch. Deck. Patio. Backyard. Garden. Placing teak benches in these locations around your home creates inviting havens. Your furniture’s comfort and visual appeal influence how often you use and enjoy those outdoor areas. Teak’s versatile elegance encourages relaxing, meditating, reading, socializing, and relishing nature’s beauty in familiar residential retreats.

Teak Bench

Long-Lasting Usefulness

Benches represent the second most common usage for teak after marine applications. Sourced from tropical plantations, this natural premium wood is attractive and easy to maintain for decades. It resists all weather conditions, decay, and termite damage, offering durable, comfortable outdoor seating year round. Sturdy teak furniture is so enduring that families can pass it down as prized heirlooms.

Design Variety

Selecting wooden pieces that look natural outside is a fun decorating project. Shop Classic Teak for luxury outdoor furniture; we have various traditional and modern benches with and without backs and arms as well as swing, glider, storage, and planter models. Classic types with backs feature arched curved tops as extra design touches. For clean lines, check out our contemporary styles with straight tops. Whether your space is 3 or 8 feet wide, you’ll find ideal Classic Teak options you can’t resist.

Locations and Uses

Your outdoor areas and intended purposes will help you choose benches with the functional and decorative features you need and prefer. Pick models to complement your home’s architecture. If you favor the eclectic look, make bold statements with contrasting designs. Or select options that enrich these specific sites’ ambience: Balcony: If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony with a tranquil view, a teak bench will encourage mini vacations to revel in nature’s finery close to home. After tough weeks, sip your morning coffee on lazy Saturday mornings. Escape into books on Sunday afternoons. Unwind with your favorite cocktail after work on Monday.

Porches: For nostalgic front-porch relaxation, consider a teak porch swing or glider. If your climate necessitates removing winter and rain gear before stepping inside, station immobile styles on porches by your front and back doors. Sit down to slip out of snow boots and tuck them under outdoor benches. Leave raincoats and umbrellas behind before going inside. Dampness won’t harm your teak.

Teak Patio Furniture

Deck: Place benches along your deck’s edges to maximize seating without blocking its open space. That will allow easy traffic flow through the adjoining doorway. Rearrange benches for meals to add extra seats at dining tables and other entertaining needs. Patio: Whether you host cocktails, small family meals, or larger parties on your patio, your available space may guide your bench options. In small areas, space-saving models can accommodate several guests in the same footprint that just one person would need for a single chair. Surround your fire pit with cozy seating to encourage group conversations or moonlit romance.

Backyard: Need a restful place to bask in nature’s splendors in your backyard? Park a teak bench under a welcoming shade tree. This peaceful sanctuary can inspire solo contemplation, meditation, and reading. Or invite a friend over for a long-overdue catch-up session. Garden: Because teak benches come in various sizes, you’ll find options to fit into your favorite floral hideaways on garden paths, under arbors, and in gazebos. Serious gardeners will love our multifunctional storage bench’s convenience. Just lift the seat to access your planting, weeding, and trimming tools. Recreate the timeless sophistication of a graceful Parisian garden with lush plantings in geometric patterns. Embellish verdant greens with pops of bold colors. Old-world statues and fountains add stately authenticity. To accentuate the classic theme, sneak teak benches into strategic locations where everyone can marvel at your garden’s grandeur. Hot tub/pool areas: Leave your sandals under teak benches and towels on top while relaxing in your hot tub. When swimming season comes around again, you’ll be glad you situated seating around your pool to serve the same purpose. Teak’s tight grain and natural oils stop water infiltration, preventing cracks and splits. This hardwood maintains its water resistance while aging from its golden honey color to silvery gray, making it ideal for wet areas.

Selection and Shipping

Whatever choices you make, teak benches will enhance your home’s external appeal, beckoning frequent use and enjoyment for many years. Classic Teak offers free ground delivery on all U.S. mainland orders while sharing shipping costs to Alaska and Hawaii. Now that we’ve inspired you, start designing your inviting haven today.

Enhance Exterior Living Areas With Teak Container Gardens

Eager to enjoy the outdoors again? Classic Teak furniture will set the stage for family meals and parties in your home’s exterior spaces. High-quality table sets in various sizes and styles are ready for feasts. Or arrange any combination of individual pieces from attractive tables and chairs to benches and club seating in enticing cocktail and conversation groupings. Tuck versatile teak planters among your furnishings to enhance outside areas. Perk up strategic spots on patios, decks, porches, and stairs that can’t accommodate flowerbeds. Beautiful container gardens in door, bucket, and hanging planters and stands will add delightful color and texture accents. Try the following tips to design lush, fragrant masterpieces.

Teak Storage Box

Colors Clusters

Neutral-looking teak planters, from newer golden browns to aged silvery grays, will coordinate with any natural hues. Consider these color strategies: Hot or cold: Design a color palette that reflects your outdoor living space’s intended purpose. Hot saturations such as reds, oranges, and yellows can draw attention to typically overlooked spots and establish focal points in gathering places. For relaxation, favor cool shades including blues, purples, and pinks to inspire tranquility. Monochromatic: This color scheme is the easiest design. Mingling three variants of one basic tone like romantic pinks or purples will avoid garish clashes while providing diverse concentrations. Or use a color wheel to combine different tones: Analogous shades: Select adjacent colors like muted or bright oranges, yellows, and greens for analogous sequences that mix well. Complimentary values: Choose tints across the color wheel from each other like violets and yellows. This daring and dramatic look uses contrast to make both colors pop. Triad: Try a trio of shades at equidistant spaces on the color wheel. Selecting one equilateral triangle’s three points results in reds, blues, and yellows. After picking colors, develop your container garden’s composition. The popular thriller/filler/spiller design technique combines three plant varieties in full, upright, and well-rounded arrangements. Everyone will enjoy the customized upscale appeal.


Start each assortment by selecting thrillers, tall centerpieces that exude star quality. Big, bold, vibrant options add vertical interest and drama. Use flowering plants, ornamental grass, or greenery with attention-grabbing qualities like spectacular flowers, intriguing shapes, or colorful foliage. Many thrillers boast striking architectural forms that serve as sturdy backbones or frameworks for less structural supplements. Rest your chosen towering thrillers against your container’s back for wall or corner displays with front visibility only. Move those key elements into the center for multiple-side viewing situations. Ideal possibilities include tall ornamental grass, yucca, spiked blooming plants, asters, coleus, gaura, angelonia, and argyranthemum.


Teak planterNext, select spicy fillers to stock your container’s middle ground. Mid-sized mounded or rounded flowering plants or foliage will make your planter look more lavish. They should complement and enhance your featured section without overwhelming it. So growing fillers should never shoot up above thrillers. For back-situated thrillers, slip fillers into the center of your container in front of those soaring focal points. When thrillers assume center planter positions, surround them with fillers. Common plants include petunias, caladiums, geraniums, lantana, euphorbia, nemesia, ageratum, and chrysocephalum.


Lastly, place your third variety near your planter’s edge to invite a feeling of softness. As this final touch of trailing foliage tumbles gently over the rim, it refines the desired classy look. Position spillers in the container’s front section for direct-angle viewing. For multi-sided arrangements, station spillers around all borders. Standard choices include ivy, railing begonias, bacopa, lobularia, torenia, and sweet potato vines.

Hanging Baskets

Typical thrillers have too much height to fit into hanging baskets. So mix just fillers and spillers instead. Or pick plants that suit both types. Create rounded formations that cover suspended planters’ shapes. Some petunias rise high enough to serve as fillers while also cascading over basket edges to act as spillers.

Sunshine and Watering

Combine plants sharing comparable sunlight and watering requirements. Full sun: The most versatile category needs over six hours of daily sunshine. It includes most perennials, annuals, herbs, and vegetables. Low lighting: These plants fare best when they get sun four to six hours daily. Good options include begonias, coleus, impatiens, and heuchera. Ample shade: Under four hours of daily sun will help ivy, caladiums, and most foliage plants flourish. Moisture: Prioritize water retention with drainage when picking your potting soil. If you forget to water regularly, chose drought-tolerant succulents, perennials, and annuals.

Outdoor Entertaining Tips for Summertime Socials

Longer days and warmer temperatures are ideal for hosting al fresco get-togethers. Think like a partygoer to decide what you would enjoy. Then step up your backyard summer entertaining with timely tips for comfy seating, mood lighting, delicious food, refreshing drinks, unique decor, and interesting discussions.

Outdoor Teak Furniture

Set a Welcoming Scene

Mix outdoor furniture like elevated teak bar sets with this deep-seating teak sofa set. That combination invites guests to circulate between cozy meal and intimate conversation areas. Choose solid fabric colors and stripes for seat cushions that complement your home’s landscaping or architecture. Earth-tone and water-inspired hues will suit exteriors of stately, older estates and stylish, modern homes.

Plan Your Menu

Serve refreshments that fit each gathering’s atmosphere. Hosting a formal affair? A caterer can handle everything from preparations through cleanup. For casual parties, create a spread of finger-food snacks including crackers, cold cuts, cheeses, chips, dips, olives, nuts, raw vegetables, and fresh fruits. Offer 12 appetizers during cocktail parties. When serving dinner later, start with four to six hors d’oeuvres. Finish off meals with one 9-inch tart or pie per eight to 10 guests. Diverse room-temperature options will avoid problems with hot dishes cooling off and chilled desserts melting.

Create Beverage Stations

Feature beverage selections with and without alcohol. Stock various red and white wines, beers, and soft drinks. Supply specialties that specific audiences will prefer. Whip up virgin strawberry/banana daiquiris or smoothies for afternoon baby showers. Offer whiskey to men and wine coolers to women. Budget around three servings per person typically. Making time to relax and enjoy your guests is the secret to hosting great parties. Instead of devoting every moment to distributing and refilling drinks, create a self-serve beverage station so family and friends can help themselves. Just load up a teak ice box with assorted wines, beers, cocktail mixers, sodas, and ice. This durable tropical hardwood looks more elegant than foam and plastic coolers. Avoid long bar lines at large events by establishing separate locations for different beverages throughout your party space. Place glasses, ice buckets, liquors, fruit garnishes, swizzle sticks, and cocktail napkins on adjacent tables or ledges. When using plastic cups, provide colored markers so everyone can personalize theirs with easy identifiers. Tie beer and soda bottle openers and wine corkscrews to ice box handles so guests won’t misplace them accidentally. Handy drains makes emptying easy after partiers go home.

Establish Ambience

Patio UmbrellaConsider lighting for summer soirées. Summon an enchanting evening glow by placing votive candles on coasters or elegant runners on dining and coffee tables. Everything and everyone looks better by candlelight. Increase visibility with patio lanterns and yard torches. For daytime socials, place versatile rotating umbrellas with offset stands to shield seating zones from summer’s heated glare. Tilting canopies let you fine tune adjustments according to the sun’s movements, ensuring welcome respites throughout daylight. Choose from an array of colors that will reflect nature’s beauty in your outdoor living spaces.

Be Imaginative

Provide personal fans to everyone as party favors upon arrival. Use colored markers to personalize them with guests’ names. Set a relaxed tone for informal meals by rolling plastic cutlery in napkins or placemats and arranging them in rustic baskets. Use accent pieces in clever ways. Fresh blooms elevate casual occasions. Skip centerpieces that might blow over in the wind. Instead, embellish every place setting with a single flower in a shot glass or mini clay pot as a take-home keepsake. Flaunt unexpected pairings like tortilla chips and salsa in margarita glasses. Enlist wooden cutting boards as serving trays. Stow breadsticks in vases for a classic Italian flair.

Inspire Conversations

Invite and introduce friends representing various ages, genders, locations, professions, and interests. If you think strangers will feel uncomfortable, include some motor-mouths. To avoid everyone congregating around the food, separate chatterboxes in multiple hot spots. Space teak ice boxes apart across from your buffet. Situate party games away from your central gathering area. Those tricks will encourage motion and conversation. Asking friends to be hosting helpers is becoming a popular trend. They’ll relish the honor of joining your hospitality group. Shy recruits can turn their assigned duties like replenishing food/drink stations and directing traffic into icebreakers. All attendees, including you, are guests. So don’t stay so busy ensuring everyone else’s enjoyment that you forget to be sociable. Your events will be more memorable when you join in the fun.

Cool Outdoor Summer Party Themes

Looking for fun ways to celebrate summertime? Instead of leaving town, turn your outdoor areas into welcoming settings for entertaining events. Host a farmers’ market poolside lunch. Decorate your deck with a Polynesian twist for a tropical cocktail party. Move onto your lawn for a sunset happy hour rivaling a true fiesta. Or barbecue a patriotic patio dinner with a nostalgic flair.

Teak Adirondack Chair

Farmers’ Market Lunch

Food and beverages: For fresh, locally grown summer salad fixings and flowers, visit a farmer’s market. Scope out your favorite seasonal fruits and vegetables one week early. Ask vendors which farm-to-table options they’ll offer next time to base your menu on availability. Being friendly with growers can get you better deals. Choose light recipes that bring out just-picked fruits and veggies’ genuine flavors and beauty. Feature spinach, corn, squash, peas, cucumbers, and tomatoes in salads. Serve fresh-squeezed strawberry lemonade and cherry limeade. Vivid fruit kabobs with melons, berries, kiwi, grapes, and pineapple make naturally sweet desserts that are easy to eat without silverware. Pool decor: Display buffet items in rustic containers on teak furniture with colorful patio umbrellas shielding tempting dishes from the sun. Multihued fruit baskets and wildflowers in mason jars make quick, fragrant centerpieces. Stock wooden produce crates, wire baskets, or wicker picnic baskets with trays, plates, silverware, and napkins. Place teak lounge chairs near the water so guests can nibble while socializing. Then take a dip for pool pong.

Tropical Cocktail Party

Drinks and eats: Enjoy casual, carefree summer days on your deck with colorful Polynesian cocktails and appetizers. Treat partiers to refreshing tropical drinks like mai tais, piña coladas, blue Hawaiians, and non-alcoholic mangos smoothies. Display hors d’oeuvres such as coconut shrimp bites and ham/pineapple kebobs on ornamental banana leaves. Provide bowls of macadamia nuts and fresh fruit salad. Deck decorations: Say “Aloha!” with leis as guests arrive in wild floral shirts. Invite them to visit serving stations and cocktail seating areas. Feature teak deck furniture including bar carts, tables, stools, and chairs. Set the island ambience with palm trees, tiki torches, and grass skirts wrapped around railings, stairs, and tables. Brightly colored plates, napkins, fresh flowers, and luau trimmings in intense tangerine, brilliant turquoise, hot pink, and lime green will signal fun. Place vibrant umbrella picks in fruity drinks and finger foods. Island music will mimic the appeal of idyllic escapes even further. Encourage friends to outdo each other in hula and limbo contests.

Sunset Fiesta Happy Hour

Delectable specialties: Spice up summer with a festive backyard party. Authentic snacks and beverages featuring staples like chili peppers and limes will spark the fiesta spirit among revelers. Keep the chips, guacamole, salsa, and nachos coming. Sipping margaritas as mariachi music accompanies the setting sun is a delightful combination to commemorate. Celebratory style: Drape railings with colorful cultural standards like serape blankets and sombreros. Group teak side tables and Classic Teak chairs in remote serving/sitting areas that allow ample room for mingling, dancing, and games. Accent food and beverage stations with flashy paper flowers in Mexican beer bottles, napkins with southwest patterns, and bright plates and glasses. Blindfolded guests will have a blast freeing treats and trinkets from a paper animal piñata.

Patriotic Barbecue Dinner

Old-timey menu: As patriotic holidays approach, family and friends are eager to unite for backyard cookouts. Take pride in reviving traditional recipes representing various American locales. Serve Coney Island hot dogs, Kansas smoked sausage, Wisconsin cheeses, Idaho potato salad, Boston baked beans, and Mississippi mud pie. Identify their origins with toothpick labels in old-style typewriter fonts. Line classic soda fountain glasses with parchment paper to hold munchies. After dinner, remove inserts and fill with old-fashioned ice cream sundaes. Timeless soft drinks in glass bottles will support the vintage vibe. Offer red and blue alcoholic beverages like strawberry daiquiris and blue martinis.

Teak Dining Table Set

Patio preparations: Play patriotic music to set a nostalgic tone. Before sundown, backyard game standards like croquet and horseshoes will evoke peaceful olden days. Small to large groups can socialize around teak patio furniture. Choose dining table sets in various sizes, shapes, and styles. Use flag-colored dishcloths as placemats and bandanas as napkins. For mood lighting, wrap beeswax candles with red/white/blue ribbons and secure with historic political buttons. Float tea lights in mason jars with essential oils and water. The twinkling effects in these natural bug repellents and reminiscent tales will enthrall your gathering until the stars emerge.

Contemporary Exterior Design Guide

Modern external living spaces achieve the reigning chic internal aesthetic by combining eclectic elements. Complex layering of rugs, furniture, artwork, and lighting creates refined indoor settings. Apply that design strategy to personalize outdoor areas tastefully while transforming bland, blocky looks into stylish scenes. The art of mismatched mixing blends three ingredients: feasting and lounging pieces, distinctive accessories, and mood lighting.

Teak bar Table

Selecting Your Furniture Combination

Your climate and furniture care preferences are key factors affecting material choice. Teak’s resinous oils provide natural resistance to moisture, the elements’ drying effects, and insect damage. Sand-like silica creates density that helps this fine hardwood withstand water, shrinking, swelling, warping, rotting, fungal decay, and numerous chemicals. This beautiful timber endures year-round weather conditions, making it a low-maintenance favorite.

Measure your exterior zone’s overall dimensions to determine the furniture sizes it can accommodate. Choose smaller pieces for a restricted balcony but grander scales for a larger patio. Be sure everyone can navigate through your surrounding area comfortably without dodging tables and chairs. Sacrificing style to bedeck confined sites isn’t necessary. Classic Teak’s luxury outdoor furniture line showcases elegant space-saving solutions like this narrow oval bar table.

Steamer chairs are popular, long-lasting teak furniture options for lounging by the pool. Look for versatile convenience features. To shift from sunbathing to reading or chatting seamlessly, this style boasts multiple reclining positions. Classic Teak’s special wheel design enables easy mobility when you want to seek a cooler location offering midday shade. Your lounger folds quickly for out-of-season storage.

Pad seats with durable lounge chair cushions in your choice of green or white. Or Classic Teak will customize your order from a fashionable variety of Sunbrella® fabrics. Today’s high-performance materials are softer with greater suppleness and longer colorfast capacities than previous outdoor polyesters. So comfortable solid and patterned textiles resist rotting, mildew, chemicals, and fading while outlasting sun and rain exposure.

Now that we’ve collected our basic pieces, let’s place them in an assortment of delightful outdoor leisure retreats. Using the selections above in the following design exercise will help you visualize new teak furniture’s beautiful possibilities.

Creating a Unifying Theme

String a theme through odd furniture mixes to make seemingly incompatible choices mesh. A typical Miami Beach residence’s covered porch fuses pastel shades among furnishings of various eras and styles to evoke Southern Florida’s classic vibe. The teak steamer chair’s 5608 blue/green/yellow striped cushion will complement a blue rubber floor mat, midcentury green side tables, and pink flowers with yellow centers. Unless you follow a unifying motif, eclectic mishmashes can look like unkempt mistakes.

Applying Trendy Decorating Formulas

Establishing a neutral base: Before merging unique styles, choose a neutral color palette. Your new Classic Teak table and lounger share the same honey gold shade. Unite them with similar-tinted pieces like bamboo floor mats and wicker chairs. Varied textures prevent monochrome ensembles from seeming monotonous. Constructing a unicolor canvas will help extras such as bright chair cushions and patio umbrellas in vivid tones pop.

Teak SteamerPairing feminine with masculine styles: Soft curves and hard angles can clash sometimes. But complementary intermingling can convert the overall effect into surprisingly pleasant visual rhythms. Contrast linear pieces like boxy chairs and planters against items with spherical — not straight — shapes such as the oval teak table and circular dishes. Combing varieties in related subdued hues inspires happy cohabitation.

Mixing new, old, and natural components: To maximize interest, adorn outdoor spaces by highlighting dissimilar eras. Intersperse contemporary and vintage elements with organic touches like wood, metal, stone, or ceramics. Pull an unexpected mood together featuring a new Classic Teak table with retro metal chairs. Mismatched mealtime place settings that pick up tones from each will bridge the age gap as your integrating connection.

Weaving a colorful tale: Fashion an eccentric style/texture mash-up that shares one basic hue. That will ensure a carefully chosen — not chaotic — look and feel. A sustained tinge of vibrant color will link your teak lounger’s cushion with ethnic-inspired beach towels and kitschy pool floats.

Adding mood lighting: Entertaining and dining al fresco are special treats, so designer ambiance can elevate down-home barbecues to enchanting soirées. New weatherproof technologies are expanding historic illumination options. Embellish your teak bar table with antique lanterns or traditional hurricane candleholders. Hang gleaming pendants from trees. Perk up your pool with floating LED lamps. Combining generations of luminary solutions will heighten visual interest.

Fashionable Yet Functional Outdoor Decor Trends

Aren’t you glad outdoor furnishings no longer mean rusted tables and flimsy folding chairs? Today’s sophisticated homeowners are embracing a rich medley of design trends to make their exterior living areas more fashionable and functional. Consider stylistic prospects for your property that will survive the elements while showcasing character and comfort.

Teak outdoor furniture

Enticing Chat Group

To encourage socializing, create a cozy chat grouping. The conversation area was 2015’s fastest growing outdoor furniture segment, outshining the long-prized dining set. That chill-out zone is holding strong in 2016. Flexibility accounts for some of this trend’s allure. Models that adapt to different functions and enlarge sitting capacity are growing in popularity. Comfy deep-seating teak furniture is a crowd-pleasing favorite. Extra-thick cushions in durable Sunbrella fabric inspire leisurely lounging. Choose a multi-piece Classic Teak sectional, or build your own extended set to hold more people. Group or separate modular sections like love seats, chairs, and ottomans. Add coffee and end tables to accommodate beverages, appetizers, or casual meals. Walls don’t define outdoor rooms, but furniture placement can. So form custom configurations to fit your spaces and needs. Positioning chairs and side tables around a warm fire pit can make your outside zone more versatile by inviting use during cooler months.

Cleverly Blurred Lines

Furniture resembling the quality of fine indoor pieces has taken its permanent place outdoors to spread luxurious residential living areas beyond structural boundaries. Creating an easy flow between inside and outside spaces is fundamental. Just imagine that you’re expanding your interior dining and entertaining spots out onto your patio, deck, or garden for large parties. In the past, design-conscious consumers had to choose stylish or comfortable furniture. But today’s deluxe teak table sets excel at both. Classic Teak’s shape choices include rectangular, oval, round, square, and natural edge in various sizes with seating for parties of four to 12. Extendable tables with optional extra chairs will allow you to invite even more guests. For extra pampering, soften firm chairs with our colorful patio cushions. Genuine teak pieces exude a back-to-nature ambience while blending with your bountiful exterior environment organically. Add extra decorator touches outdoors that echo your interior design so diners will enjoy the familiar feeling of your home encompassing the natural beauty beyond its doors.

Intriguing Mixed Materials

Teak Outdoor FurnitureFor a truly custom appearance, mix various materials and styles in interesting combinations instead of matching everything. Give your imagination free reign to go wild. Intermingle elegant teak with old-world stone, decorative wirework, woven wicker, sleek metals (such as aluminum, iron, stainless steel, or copper), and permeable textiles. Arrange contrasting looks, textures, and colors in an exclusive yet cohesive juxtaposition. That will transform your deck or patio into an eclectic yet sophisticated masterpiece. Start planning now to be ready for the upcoming entertaining season.

Fabulous Colors

Confused about color theory? Consider these diverse applications. For a natural flow from indoors to outside, repeat your interior’s design schemes and shades with complementary choices in external areas. Or select tones that harmonize with your home’s exterior for seamless visual blending. Introduce pops of color to revamp and brighten any drab-looking outdoor space instantly. Consider using new hues to create original impressions. Natural neutrals are the most enduring external base tints. Versatility makes sand, weathered wood, charcoal, mocha, and cream good choices for every climate. Magnificent metallic finishes, especially light and soft grays, are driving contemporary styles. Traditional looks lean toward earth tones including beiges, tans, and browns. Your outdoor area is synonymous with fun. Customize any portion easily by adding accents in cheerful colors or designer patterns. Watery blues, aquamarines, turquoises, teals, and emeralds feel clean and welcoming. For nautical or preppy appeal, pair dark blues with reds, yellows, or whites. Coral exudes freshness. As Tuscan-inspired shades like deep tomato, dark eggplant, olive green, and golden sunflower along with busy patterns slip out of fashion in 2016, outdoor designers recommend simpler approaches. Try interspersing berry and citrus colors among natural greenery to add texture and visual interest. Boldly vivid neon colors like hot pinks, yellows, and oranges create playful looks. Adding attractive finishing touches outside is easy. Pretend that you’re redecorating your living room. Choose from custom Sunbrella cushions in a lavish array of colors and patterns. Weather-resistant, chemical-resistant, and fade-resistant fabric will enhance your outdoor furniture’s grandeur and comfort for years of beauty and enjoyment.

Caring for Teak Patio Furniture After Winter

Teak Restoration

Now is the time to prepare your  teak patio furniture enable reuse for outdoor living and entertaining when the seasons change. Here are simple steps:

1) Clean your deck and teak furniture with soft  power wash before it dry. Make sure use wide angle power needle to wash teak patio furniture any eroding to teak wood.

2) It common to see some checking ( small cracks ) on teak furniture, Just apply glue and sand it to make smooth surface. 

3) Apply Teak protector or Shield or Oil. 

Teak ranks among today’s most beautiful, best quality, and longest lasting manufactured timbers. This straight-grained hardwood boasts an abundance of natural oils, a distinctive aromatic scent, high density, and coarse texture. Embedded resinous oils with insect-repelling properties provide strong termite defenses. Thanks to teak’s durability, it is nearly impervious to extreme weather effects. It resists rotting, warping, and splintering from snow, frost, rain, and sunshine exposure. Following basic outdoor furniture care steps including cleaning, covering, and storing will prolong this durable wood’s life and beauty.

Weathering Process

As honey gold teak weathers over time, it morphs into a subtle silvery patina. Depending on your climates’ rain and sunlight amounts, that progression takes around nine months. During that interval, you may notice the grain lift slightly on arm and leg tops plus some minor cracks. This temporary appearance is teak’s natural expansion and contraction process — not a defect. The grain’s initial smooth finish will return upon weathering completion. Continued exposure will eventually transform untreated lumber into an attractive darker gray tone.

Cleaning and Restoring


Clean your deck and teak furniture with soft  power wash before it dry. Make sure use wide angle power needle to wash teak patio furniture any eroding to teak wood.  Then rub in a teak cleanser or dip a sponge in warm water before applying gentle hand soap. Rub fine-grit sandpaper to remove bird droppings, rust stains, and other small imperfections. A diluted oxygen bleach solution will kill mildew and remove stains. Scrub lightly but thoroughly with a soft brush for deep cleaning. After a warm-water rinse, remove any residue with a wet cloth. Pat dry. For your patio furniture to keep its natural golden color and not turn silver, sand it all over lightly. Treat it with a teak protectant or oil. Penetrating and nourishing oils can help preserve the original finish and even restore the lumber’s like-new beauty after its gray evolution. Most teak oils contain UV-shielding ingredients to help the wood hold its raw, warm shade — even in bright sunlight. Repeat the oiling routine every three months for lasting effects. Treated teak can stay outside year round. You can also look two minutes video for How to restore teak furniture.


Cushions Cleaning: Many woven outdoor fabrics undergo chemical treatments during the manufacturing process to resist moisture, mildew, sun damage, stains, and fading. Take off removable cushion covers for washing. Add bleach to kill any mildew during laundering, if labels allow. Replace dry pads and pillows inside clean, dry covers. To remove stains and spills from permanent covers, make a 1-cup bleach/1-gallon water solution. Test some inconspicuous place first. Then saturate a brush or rag with the mixture. Scrub the whole cushion. Rinse with water well and air dry. Heavy downpours or extended showers may cause some rainwater to penetrate your outdoor cushions’ foam cores. Stand them up vertically with their seam or open zipper sides facing downward to help water drain and speed up drying. That takes 24 to 48 hours typically, depending on saturation levels and weather conditions. When you are not using cushions, placing them upright within furniture frames will decrease surface areas susceptible to moisture and promote faster drying.

Umbrellas: Clean umbrella fabrics with a mild detergent and brush. Dry in full open position. Lubricate switches, pivots, and locks.


Shielding teak and cushions that stay outside year round is easy. High-grade outdoor covers help safeguard against seasonal exposure to prolong appearance and usage. Shop Classic Teak’s line of teak patio furniture covers to select durable waterproof styles that will protect your cherished tables and chairs.


Sheltering options during the cold-weather hibernation period include patio and deck storage box, sheds, garages, and spare indoor rooms. Furniture: Be cautious when relocating patio furniture from cold outside settings into heated indoor areas for storage. Abrupt temperature and humidity changes may lead to splitting wood. Allowing teak to adapt to contrasting environmental conditions gradually will help preserve it. Pads and pillows: In outdoor and indoor storage zones, stack cushions loosely in clean, dry spaces above floor and ground levels. Cover piles in outside sheds with cloth — not plastic — tarps. Sunshades: Store umbrellas in their closed positions.

Outdoor Seating Cushion Colors, Care, and Storage

Sunbrella fabric weather-resistant cushions add color, style, and comfort to resilient teak patio, deck, porch, pool, and garden seating. Use these furniture and chair pad selection, cleaning, and storage tips to enhance your exterior spaces, encourage leisurely lingering, and extend wear.

Select Outdoor Furniture

Bench CushionBrowse Classic Teak’s outdoor furniture Product List for appropriate seating types. Click on the Benches section to explore classy 4 to 6-foot styles perfect for many external living areas. For Teak Chairs, check out arm, side, rocking, slumber, folding, and Adirondack options. Move on to the Steamers & Loungers category to pick between reclining chairs for lazing poolside or in other relaxing spots.

Choose Chair Cushion

Then match high-performance chair cushion to your teak furniture choices. Custom-designed Classic Teak cushions fit our seats securely. Durable construction materials resist mildew, rot, fading, and chemicals including chlorine. All come in assorted colors and patterns. For extra versatility, some offer many more casing options.

Patio cushion, rug, and accent shades influence every space’s mood. Various design and color theories can guide your chair cushion selection. Solid tones and prints that complement your exterior settings create cohesive looks. Consider your home’s outer hues, furnishing materials, and plantings. If a large wall of windows and glass doors connects your inside and outside zones, choose furnishings and pillows that harmonize with your interior’s décor.

Bright hues and energetic motifs add visual interest in fun and fashionable ways. Use bolder tonal values and prints in external sites to balance nature’s fervent color palette. Combining three or more patterns creates diversity, lending richness to your outdoor settings. If you’re lucky enough to have incredible exterior views, choose subdued fabric intensities so they won’t compete with stunning vistas.

Skip red, an overdone choice, in favor of jewel tones including deep purples, pale to dynamic greens, and aquas that reflect nature’s wonders. Emphasize dark and light contrasting colors like basic black and white for a compelling look. Inject a perky burst of lime for a little extra pizazz. Warmer earth tones, cooler green tints, and calmer blues promote serenity. If you aren’t crazy about obvious dyes, stick to a tan or gray monotone range.

Clean Fabrics

Follow these Sunbrella® cushion care steps so textiles can avoid permanent damage:

  • Brush dirt off before it lodges into materials.
  • Wipe away spills as they occur for easiest removal.

New stains:

  • Use fresh, dry cloths to blot liquid spills without rubbing.
  • Treat oil-based substances with an absorbent dusting like cornstarch. Scrape off residue gently with any straight-edged tool.
  • Mix a mild solution of dish or laundry detergent with water. Spray on fabrics.
  • Rinse thoroughly to eliminate all soap.
  • Air dry.

If stains remain, follow directions below by cushion type:

Removable Casings

Steamer Chair Cushion

We recommend that Sunbrella Cushions be hand washed

Hand washing:

  • Add 2 ounces of mild soap to each gallon of slightly warm water.
  • Scrub exterior of cushion to remove stains.
  • Rinse off soap completely using garden hose.
  • Air dry cushions by standing on end in the sun.

    Permanent Covers

    Washing by hand:

    • Blend 2 ounces of mild soap into each lukewarm water gallon.
    • Allow fabrics to absorb sanitizing solution.
    • Clean textiles with soft brush bristles.
    • Remove soap residue by rinsing thoroughly.
    • Air dry.

    Mildew and mold stain removal: Although Sunbrella fabrics resist these fungi, they might grow on foreign substances like dirt.

    • Pour 2 ounces of mild soap and 8 or more ounces of bleach into each water gallon.
    • Spray onto all casing sections, allowing 15 minutes for materials to absorb solution.
    • Wash all surface areas with soft brush bristles, sponges, or towels to prevent water stains or rings.
    • Rinse off cleaner thoroughly.
    • Air dry.

    General cleaning tips include avoiding abrasive approaches like hard brush bristles and scrubbing. Protect furnishings surrounding Sunbrella covers when using chemical solvents to avoid accidental discolorations. Bleach may affect natural outdoor habitats adversely, so follow the label’s environmental and safety precautions. If material wrinkling occurs, set your iron on synthetics. Before pressing whole covers, test small portions in inconspicuous locations. Don’t use steam irons or garment steamers.

    Store Patio Cushion & Pillows

    Order teak storage boxes with easy-open hinged lids to protect your cushions during off-season periods. These finely crafted units withstand year-round weather conditions, shielding contents from the elements. Choose the appropriate exterior sizes and int

    Furnishing a Luxurious Rooftop Terrace

    Teak Table Bench SetDoes your rooftop terrace or balcony resemble a makeshift junkyard where you dump shabby furniture, wilted potted plants, and unused bicycles? Or is creating an ambiance fit for that neglected outdoor living area’s sky-high view too challenging?

    The key design steps below will help you transform any open-air location into a luxurious garden oasis for relaxing and entertaining. Then let your imagination blossom to envision a verdant retreat soaring above hectic city traffic. Soon, you’ll enjoy your extra living space that’s reaching for serenity in the clouds.

    Comfy Flooring

    Install distinctive flooring materials and colors strategically to partition one empty expanse into separate zones. Even without walls, that mimics moving between rooms. Choose barefoot-friendly composites over hard concrete or wood for splinter-free comfort and low upkeep. Or try quartzite or bluestone pavers for cool, smooth elegance.

    Today’s outdoor rugs provide a soft, inviting feel that pads hard surfaces while adding style and color. Tucking narrow planter trays between pavers allows shaggy grasses and vegetation to sprout and spread for a naturally gentle forest-inspired floor. Synthetic turf adds a realistic and cushiony lawn look.

    Well-Placed Greenery

    If your balcony borders neighbors’ railings, create a leafy privacy wall. Surround the perimeter with vine-covered lattice screens or trellises, tall evergreens, planters, or fence panels with boxwood hedges to separate residential spaces. Position trees or shrubs to obscure undesirable views and lift everyone’s focus up to scenic vistas and fascinating cloud formations.

    For your interior’s design to spill out onto your terrace, place furniture first. Then scatter foliage lightly throughout more prominent hardscapes. That will soften them while keeping panoramic scenes open. Low-maintenance options include minimizing foliage and installing an automated watering system. A programmed drip prevents greenery from withering under extreme sunlight.

    Furniture Arranging

    Your rooftop layout should mix functional and aesthetically pleasing looks that match your lifestyle. That might involve relaxing over morning coffee or evening cocktails, sunbathing, movie- or sports-watching parties, and/or wine tastings, meals, and celebrations for relatives and friends. A multi-purpose terrace could combine cozy seating and lounging areas, an exterior kitchen with grill, and a dining space.

    To create a welcoming socializing setting, choose from Classic Teak’s luxury outdoor furniture like this mission-style deep-seating set. The sofa and two armchairs feature super-thick and soft cushions in numerous rugged, fade-resistant Sunbrella fabric colors. You also get coffee and side tables for refreshments.

    Teak Deep Seating Sofa setChill, read, sunbathe, or nap on teak loungers with multiple adjustable positions. Reclining them flat adds more bench seating for extra guests. Select from assorted styles with padding, neck support, wheels, and built-in tables for sunscreen, drinks, and snacks. Mounting an all-weather television behind sliding panels on a swivel arm support enables multiple viewing angles from different seating locations.

    Is your dining area in a restricted space or high-traffic zone? Try an option besides downsizing furniture. No one has to dodge scattered chairs in narrow or crowded walkways when you use benches instead. Just select teak furniture like this rectangular recycled table set. Choose from three sizes that come with two long side benches and a pair of short ones for the ends. Outdoor seating cushions soften any wood pieces that don’t include padding.

    Weather Exposure

    Teak is an ideal tropical hardwood for exterior conditions because it resists weather and pest’s worst onslaughts. Thanks to exemplary materials, Classic Teak’s premium furniture is ultra strong and durable. Minimal care ensures lifetime use, eliminating replacement. Natural oils’ protective barriers make sealers or finishers unnecessary. To clean, just wipe off spills and stains.

    Ground-level structures and trees serve as windbreaks that provide shade. But higher up on raised roofs, shielding people from intense sunrays and drafts is essential. Browse Classic Teak’s patio umbrellas for various styles, sizes, shapes, and colors. Look into our heavy-duty base for especially windy sites. Strong gusts can toss cushions around, so stow them in this handy storage box when no one’s using them. That sturdy wooden accessory also can double as extra seating.

    Tricky Logistics Installations

    Careful planning and organizing are crucial for decorating rooftop living and garden spaces. The logistics of getting furnishings high above residences with limited access can be tricky, requiring ingenuity. Hopefully, you can transport smaller pieces and plants in elevators instead of stairs. But you might need a crane for heavier items. Before starting your makeover, make sure that all applicable city building codes and condo/co-op building rules allow such renovations.

    What To Know When Shopping For Teak Furniture

    teak furnitureWhenever I’m preparing to make a big purchase I can hear my father’s voice in my head reminding me that you get what you pay for. My current project is shopping for some furniture for my new house and I am really partial to teak wood. I inherited my love for teak furniture directly from my father. I remember helping him wash and seal our outdoor teak furniture whenever it was losing its luster. He would brag about how long he had it and that it would still be around after he was gone. Now it’s my turn to own some of my own. I’ve done my research so I know that teak furniture comes in three different grades. The quality of the teak can be determined by whether it is grade A, B or C. Grade A teak furniture is often referred to as the heart of the tree or “heartwood” since it is crafted from wood cut right from the center of the teak tree. When you are looking at teak furniture that is grade A, you are looking at furniture made from the wood of a tree that is at least 40 years old. The heart of the teak tree produces the finest cuts of wood. Wood cut from the heart or center will have a higher concentration of resin making it stronger than the lower grades. Grade A teak furniture will also have a higher resistance to water and wood eating insects due to a higher content of silica than lesser grades. These premium cuts of wood will have a very close grain and a beautiful honey brown color. The downside to grade A teak furniture compared to the lesser grades is the cost. Just remember that you do get what you pay for. Grade A teak will stand the test of time and maintain its beauty. Grade B teak furniture is crafted from wood that is cut from the layers just outside the heart of the teak tree. The wood in these outer layers has less oil content and more of an uneven grain. Grade B wood may have black streaks and small knots and a lighter color than premium cuts. If you purchase teak furniture that is grade B, it will most likely come to you fully assembled as manufacturers try to hide the fact that their furniture is crafted from this lesser teak wood. Quite often your grade B teak furniture has been created by a combination of hand crafting and power saws. Obviously grade B teak furniture will be less costly than the higher grade.
    teak planterGrade C teak furniture is typically crafted from wood cut from the outer sapwood of the teak tree. Wood from the outer portion of the teak tree tends to be softer. The wood is still growing so it still has water channels running through it preventing it from hardening up like the center of the tree. Teak furniture made from grade C teak will likely be full of flaws. This portion of the tree contains stains, knots and uneven grains. Grade C teak is definitely the least expensive of the three which appeals to many consumers. Of course I'm shopping for grade A teak furniture and if I purchased the lesser quality my father would likely disown me. I know that if I pay more now, I will get highest quality of pieces that will hold up and maintain their beauty. Teak furniture made with grade A wood has that beautiful golden color that I have come to admire and the tight grain is resilient as well as beautiful. My teak furniture shopping adventure will begin with a teak dining room table and chairs. I have my eye on a beautiful hand carved set made exclusively from grade A teak. Later, I hope to purchase some outdoor teak furniture as well. Teak is the perfect choice for outdoor patio furniture as it is extremely durable and highly resistant to weather damage. I happen to like the weathered grey look of teak furniture left outdoors without sealant. It’s a lovely backdrop for the calming blue of the cushions I’ve already chosen. However if I can convince my father to come help me seal MY teak furniture; perhaps I’ll reconsider letting mine go grey.

    Buying Teak Patio Furniture

    I find myself in need of some new patio furniture. Today’s economy has definitely made bargain hunting a must. However, getting the lowest price doesn’t always end up saving you any money. I have found that more often than not, you get what you pay for. With this in mind I still had my work cut out for me trying to convince my husband that teak patio furniture was the best choice for furnishing our newly renovated patio area. We were always mindful of our budget and wanted to make sure we got the most bang for our buck.
    Patio Furniture
    We could certainly purchase any number of cheaper material and avoid the higher cost of teak patio furniture. Purchasing lesser quality pieces would definitely cut cost in the short term but in the long run would end up costing us more money and time, especially considering I'm the one that usually has to go out and shop for these things. Since I pretty much knew which arguments would have the most impact I decided to start with what he would deem most important. I had a feeling that caring for the wood and taking care of the durability of teak patio furniture would appeal to him as it would ensure he didn’t have to go out and fix or seal the patio furniture again anytime soon.
    Itching to learn more about teak so I could convince him, I went online. I read that the average teak patio furniture set lasts decades if cared for properly and still maintains its beauty. Teak is a very dense wood which seems to have its own innate ability to ward off parasites, fungus and dry rot. It is a popular choice of wood in the boat industry as it is waterproof and even resists the corrosion caused by salt water. It is highly resistant to warping and/or rotting as well. When it comes to durability, teak definitely won the prize. The durability of teak patio furniture leads right into it being very low maintenance, which I can appreciate being low maintenance myself. The ability of teak to withstand all types of weather means it can remain outside year round. This was a huge plus for me because while the summer weather here was usually great, lately we've been having more and more rain and wind in the winter. Teak eliminates the need for moving patio furniture in and out to accommodate the weather. (I knew he’d like that idea because it means less work and no more crowding up his garage.) Most of the other woods and plastics used to make patio furniture require painting or re-staining over time if you want to keep the color. Teak patio furniture will simply change color over time from a light golden brown to a silvery gray and to be honest I like the grey more then the brown sometimes! It has a really cool rugged look. The best part is that the color change from brown to silver doesn't affect teak's durability and many people actually prefer the silvery color. More often than not, I prefer the warm golden color and keeping that color is easy enough that I can even do it by myself. To maintain the rich golden teak color all you have to do is wipe it down with teak sealer. This will seal in the color and prevent the fade to gray. Cleaning teak patio furniture is as easy as wiping it down with soapy water and applying another coat of teak sealer to keep it looking new.
    Outdoor Bar Chairs
    Part of what appeals to me about teak patio furniture is the style and natural elegance it brings to any patio. It’s also what I consider environmentally friendly for various reasons. First and foremost, because it is so durable and long lasting your teak patio furniture will stay in great condition which eliminates the need for replacing and discarding it. That means less landfill and waste which is always a great way to help the environment. No harsh chemicals are needed for cleaning and maintenance because all of the teak sealer are water based which also makes teak a more eco-friendly choice. Teak oil is natural oil and does not harm the environment if you prefer the golden brown color over the natural progression to silvery gray. Obviously, the fact that teak patio furniture is made from a natural wood makes it more eco-friendly than other plastic or metal sets because even if it does end up discarded it will eventually decompose back into the environment. Anytime I can be a little more friendly to the environment my children, grandchildren and their children will inhabit; I’m all for it. Once I finished all my research I knew it was time to approach my husband with my arguments. I’m all set to launch into the benefits of teak patio furniture vs. any other cheaper materials as soon as we get to the first pieces. I figure I’ll probably have to wear him down first by looking at every single set online. By the time we get to the place that carries the teak patio furniture that I really want; he’ll be ready to buy anything!