Why is teak outdoor furniture your best choice.

Why is teak outdoor furniture your best choice.

Most people prefer the look and feel of fine teak wood furniture. It is a classic long lasting style that never goes out of style. It does not get hot in the sun like any type of metal furniture will. Have you or one of you children ever burned your hand on hot metal out in the sun?.

 It can handle the harsh elements like salt water and heavy use. There is a good reason why high end beach side restaurants prefer teak outdoor furniture. Keep in mind that teak wood used is used on boats for example; decks, water ski ramps, rails etc which are in the water year-round. Teak is tough, feels good to the touch and is always in style.

Teak is a sturdy, water –resistant, close grain hardwood which is frequently used for outdoor furniture, floors, household furniture and products.  Because of its natural oil and rubber content, it adjusts extremely well in different climates.  Teak wood comes from tropical trees and is a precious resource as it only comes from 4 countries in the world. Reforestation began many years ago and is promoted and encouraged by the Indonesian government. Its beauty, strength and resistance to weather make it a treasured wood. Teak is the only timber that can withstand a variety of weather conditions - rain, frost or snow, and is immune to rotting, fungi and harsh chemicals.  Because of the silica which is in the soil where teak grows, it is also highly resistant to insects.

Teak wood needs to be properly processed (Kiln Dried) before constructing furniture. This is usually done at the source and is a slow process which acclimatizes it for conditions in the US. 

  • Durability. Teakwood maintains its pristine condition for generations, is waterproof and insect-proof, and can withstand a variety of elements, making it ideal especially for rainy areas or those with inclement weather.
  • Appealing appearance. No staining is required for teakwood to maintain its natural beauty, and teakwood is extremely easy and simple to clean, needing minimal maintenance. If you like to maintain the beautiful light brown look, then you need to apply teak protector or sealer, at least once year.
  • Strength and sturdiness. From holding up heavy full meals, to retaining its gorgeous form amid the hustle and bustle of busy areas, teak dining furniture is a reliable choice you can always count on.

What is the difference between plantation grown teak and recycled teak furniture?

Plantation gown teak is teak that has been grown and harvested on government regulated teak plantations. For every tree that is cut down a minimum of 4 trees are planted. Most of these tropical area’s country have their economy depends upon the wood industry, so they have very strict policies for plantations.   This assures good quality teak for the future without impacting the natural forests. This is without exception the teak we use in our manufacturing. We also use at times recycled teak. Recycled teak is used in building some dining tables. Recycled teak outdoor furniture is made from older structures such as buildings that have been torn down.  Most of the older homes and buildings in Indonesia are mostly made from teak.  This teak wood is collected and refurbished to be repurposed into beautiful long lasting teak outdoor furniture.