Classic Teak chairs for Patio, Garden and Deck

From teak folding chairs that allow you to comfortably accommodate guests during a get-together to teak steamer chairs that allow you to sprawl out and relax, teak outdoor furniture is the best choice for any outdoor space because of its beauty, durability, and versatility.
Teak wood furniture made of the highest-quality wood gives you and your guests a sense of comfort, while transforming a deck, patio, lawn, or garden into an elegant sanctuary.
Classic Teak Patio Furniture uses only high-quality Grade-A teak for our teak chairs. Our teak wood furniture is made from wood cut from the center tree grown on sustainable government plantations.
Grade-A teak prevents our furniture from being easily damaged by water or insects, protects furniture from discoloration, and is aged longer to last a lifetime and beyond with little maintenance.
If you're looking to save money long-term on outdoor furniture with the best quality material around, teak outdoor furniture is the best choice. Classic Teak Patio Furniture offers styles for any function or aesthetic you want and desire.
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Flexible Teak Furniture Options From Classic Teak Patio Furniture
At Classic Teak Patio Furniture, we offer a teak outdoor furniture solution for anyone looking to upgrade their outdoor locale. Just a few of our adaptable options include:
• Teakwood folding chairs. The Stinson Comfort Teak Chair and Elena Arm Chair allow for easy movement and storage.
• Armless teak chairs. These allow you to fit more people at your table for dinner parties or get togethers. Check out options like the Classic Teak Side Chair and Deluxe Teak Side Chair.
• Teak arm chairs. Satisfying arm rests allow you to sit back and unwind, such as the Stinson Comfort Arm Chair and Deluxe Stinson Arm Chair.
• Reclining teak wood furniture. Perfect for easy napping and reading, the Deluxe Teak Slumber Chair and Teak Beach Chair provide an instant sense of calm.
• Teak stacking chairs. These can be quickly stacked and stored, hassle-free.
• Teak wood bar chairs. Instantly upgrade any bar area with a touch of luxury, like the Classic Bar Arm Chair and Teak Swivel Bar Chair.
• Teak rocking chairs. An updated spin on a classic favorite that soothes you as you sit and relax. The Classic Teak Rocking Chair and Deluxe Teak Rocking Chair are elevated options for a porch, fireside, or garden.
• Deep seat teak chairs. You can even show off these inside to complement interior decor. Cushioned options like the Mission Deep Seat Chair and Classic Deep Seating Chair are water-resistant and are the most satisfying seats you'll sit on.

What Makes Our Teak Outdoor Furniture So Amazing?
For centuries, teak wood furniture has been esteemed around the globe because of its staying power and refinement. Just a few reasons why Grade A-teak folding chairs and teak steamer chairs are top choices among homeowners and business owners include:
• Long-lasting material. Teak wood outdoor furniture stands out for its ability to sustain under the harshest of weather conditions, from hot and sunny climates, to rain and snow. The silica, natural oils, and rubber content of teak wood furniture also make it water-resistant and insect-resistant
• Minimum upkeep. Unlike lower-grade teak wood, Grade-A teak wood does not require staining, varnish, paint, or preservatives. To keep it clean, simply wipe the wood, and it's back to looking brand-new.
• Superior strength. Our teak wood comes from the aged, mature part of the teak tree, making it the toughest material, no matter how much you pile on to it or how many people handle it.
• Constant comfort. Unlike metals that burn skin when heated in the sun, teak wood chairs are always cool and pleasurable to sit on.
• Beautiful addition to any ambiance. Natural wood with a gorgeous rich amber or silvery patina color complements any open air space, while staining allows teak furniture owners to customize the finish to their desire.
• Low-environmental impact. Grade-A teak wood is grown and replanted on sustainable government plantations, making a teak furniture purchase more eco-friendly. Classic Teak Patio Furniture is the best-regarded authority on teak outdoor furniture because we've been in business since 1999 and have cultivated loyal customers who look to us for their teak wood furniture advice and needs. We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service in the industry, and want our customers to have the best teak chairs available.
By using only the finest quality Grade-A plantation grown teak wood in our products, our furniture is guaranteed to wow you and everyone who sits on your teak steamer chairs, teak folding chairs, and more. Upgrade your patio, backyard, garden, or deck today with long-lasting teak wood furniture from Classic Teak Patio Furniture. We want you to understand how important it is you buy only government regulated teak. By doing this you protect the natural forest. We buy only from government regulated plantations in Indonesia for our manufacturing. You get what you want from Classic Teak.