Classic Teak Benches for Patio, Garden and Deck

Give yourself, your guests, or those who visit your business or event venue something sturdy and elegant to relax on with classic teak benches from Classic Teak Patio Furniture. Made from the finest quality teakwood available, our Grade-A classic teak bench styles offer something for every space, from backyards and patios, to event venues, to indoor and outdoor showers.

Classic teak garden bench furniture and more from Classic Teak Patio Furniture lasts a lifetime and beyond and is able to withstand any environmental condition or usage. Teak benches are beautiful to look at, fit in with a wide variety of decor, and are strong pieces you can trust to stand up to the elements.

Browse our extensive selection below to find classic teak bench options to elevate your desired space. Call 800-616-0667 if you have any questions or want recommendations on the best classic teak bench for you.


Teak Benches for Any Space

Teak benches are an easy way to add comfortable seating to areas of varying sizes and shapes. You will never have to worry about having to fix or replacing your seating, since teakwood is one of the strongest natural materials available. It is sustainable, durable, and gorgeous, making it the ideal furniture. Consider these options:

Backless Teak Benches

Easy to move and store, backless classic teak bench styles are ready to use quickly, when and where you need them. Available in sizes ranging from 3 feet to 6 feet, it is simple to add these to a table for extra seating, to place by a pool so your guests have more options of where to relax, or to add to an event to diversify a space. They're great for indoor use, too, for doorway entries and wherever you could use extra seating space.

Classic Teak Benches With Backs

Teak benches with sturdy back support provide the ultimate in relaxation and classic elegance. Perfect for multiple people to sit on simultaneously, these benches are available in sizes ranging from 4 feet to an expansive 8 feet, with comfortable arm rests for extra support. These teak benches aren't just a dream to sit on; they're also highly durable and versatile for diverse spaces.

Teak Porch Swings

Teak benches achieve a whole new level of fun and comfort in swing form, allowing guests to take in the scenery in the gorgeous outdoors. Perfect for those looking for a classic teak garden bench or something to spice up a beach house, teak porch swings last for decades while retaining their impeccable quality.

Storage Teak Benches

Make your classic teak bench multifunctional by using it as a teak storage bench, with plenty of room to stow away goods under the seat. From pool toys and barbecue equipment, to gardening tools and spots balls, a teak storage bench elevates outdoor storage by transforming it into a gorgeous place to sit, as well.

Shower Teak Benches

Looking to add bench space to a shower? Shower teak benches are the ideal solution, as teakwood is waterproof and will even withstand contact with shampoo or body wash. Exposure to sunlight in an outdoor shower setting is no problem for teak benches, which don't require staining or upkeep to stay looking good-as-new.

Classic Teak’s shower teak benches come in oval, curved, and corner designs to fit seamlessly in any space. We even offer teak bath mats and teak folding shower mats in square and round shapes.

Planter Teak Benches

A planter classic teak garden bench brings the garden to your seating area, which combines serene seating with two planters so you can add more color and decoration to your yard or event venue. Florals are perfectly complemented with sumptuous teakwood, and guests will love being surrounded by such natural beauty.

Whatever type of teak bench you are searching for, Classic Teak Patio Furniture has amazing options that exceed expectations. We use only the finest quality teakwood to make your classic teak bench waterproof, insect-proof, and long-lasting.

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