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Classic Teak Steamer Chairs for Every Outdoor Space

Classic Teak Steamer Chairs for Every Outdoor Space
Recline and relax in style as you lean back and let the sunshine wash over you. Our beautiful teak steamer chairs combine elegance, style, and craftsmanship in a classic style that’s perfect for your sundeck, porch, patio, or pool.
Enjoy the combination of traditional design and the feel of solid craftsmanship. Our teak steamer loungers are built for the outdoors, with brass fittings and Grade-A teak that looks great throughout its life. They’re the best match for your outdoor space.
You can relax in luxury, with our fully reclining steamer chairs that you can accessorize with cushions, umbrellas, and our extensive range of tables and outdoor furniture.
  • The smell of fresh-cut grass and the quiet melody of insects as you relax outside on your patio, soaking up the rays of the afternoon sun.
  • The splashing and laughter as your kids play in the pool or on the grass, as you effortlessly keep an eye on them from your adjustable steamer chair.
  • The feeling of community as you sit outside on your porch at the end of the day with family,watching the world go by.

That’s what we give you — we know that the right furniture needs to fit in with you and your lifestyle. Our teak steamer chairs are designed for just that — to fit your outdoor space perfectly.
Browse our great selection of steamer chairs below, and remember we’re here to help you fit your furniture to your lifestyle and outdoor space, not the other way around.
Email us at, or call 800-616- 0667 if you have any questions.


Why Choose Steamer Chairs From Classic Teak Patio Furniture?
We’re proud that since we started business in 1999, we’ve helped people from across the U.S. choose the perfect teak furniture. We’ve answered some common questions below.
Do I Need to Treat Teak Steamer Chairs With Stains or Varnish?
Neither. Our chairs are designed to be maintenance-free. Teak naturally contains rubber and silica to protect itself from insects and the elements. Although the teak will naturally age, it will stay beautiful for a lifetime.
Do You Use Teak From Sustainable Sources?
Yes, our teak steamer loungers are good for the environment. We only use teak from sustainable, FSC-regulated plantations, so you can be confident we’re protecting the natural world.
What’s the History of the Steamer Chair?
The first time we really heard about the steamer chair was back in the 15th century, when Columbus was discovering the New World. Along with rum and millet, Columbus requested that “his favorite chair” come on voyages with him. That favorite chair was an ancestor of the steamer chairs we know and love today. The traditional, wooden reclining chair was patented in 1878. Since then, the design hasn’t changed very much — those 19th century manufacturers knew what they were doing. The name “Steamer Chair” came about because of the widespread use of these chairs on the decks of steamers and cruise liners in the early 1900s.
Do Steamer Chairs Get Hot in the Sun?
If you have plastic or metal chairs, you know they can often get painfully hot in direct sunlight. Our teak steamer chairs will warm up, but not enough to cause discomfort. We also provide a full range of cushions and umbrellas that will accent your furniture perfectly to keep your comfortable no matter the temperature.
What Are Some of the Benefits of Steamer Chairs?
There are many good reasons to choose teak chairs:

  • They don’t need any maintenance. Just wipe them off.
  • They’re foldable and easy to store. Great if you’ve got limited space.
  • They’re perfect for unexpected guests. Easily supplement your existing yard furniture.
  • They’re designed for comfort. Chairs are fully reclinable to give you the support you want.
  • They blend perfectly with your outdoor spaces. Brass fittings and beautiful, warm wood that fits perfectly into your environment.
  • They’re ideal for any type of event. Barbecues, backyards, and pool parties, and celebrating all of life’s great moments.
What If I Need Help Choosing the Right Furniture?
That’s why we’re here. We’ve got experienced customer service people ready to take your call and answer all of your questions. We’ll talk you through your options and help you choose the perfect steamer chair for your outdoor spaces.
Find out how we can help you today. Give us a call at 800-616- 0667 or email us at