Teak Adirondack Chair

Teak Adirondack Chair

Shop Classic Teak's Adirondack chairs and ottomans with cushions made with Sunbrella fabric and get free shipping. Most luxurious and comfortable patio seating since 1903 designed by Thomas Lee,  since then it has become a part of all high end outdoor living spaces.

How is it manufactured? 

You can find Adirondack chairs made with plastic, metal or wood in the market. Our version of the Adirondack chair is made with premium A-grade teak the ultimate in weather-resistant wood. It is constructed with properly kiln dry teak wood and finished with hand sanding to bring a smooth finish to the beautiful wood grins.

Where can I use the Adirondack chair in my garden?

Some customers use this chair on their balcony for a relaxing scenic view while others prefer them around a fire pit for a cosy warm feeling with family and friends.  

You can buy teak Adirondack chairs with ottomans or without ottomans. Cushions are also optional but do add comfort.  It comes semi assembled knockdown in the box. On line customers do the final assembly on there end, while local customers receive them assembled and delivered with a small extra charge. 

Adirondack chair cushions.

Even though Adirondack chairs are very comfortable with out a cushion still people want to add a cushion for extra comfort. Perfect gift grand parent or the developers and engineers who work from home can enjoy working on these chairs. Hence a cushion is an integral part of this chair. We make very high end sunbrella cushion to fit our Adirondack chairs. 

History of the Adirondack Chair 

The first Adirondack chair was made by Thomas Lee around 1903 or 1904. While he was looking for comfortable outdoor furniture for his country cottage in Westport, NY. The original design was made from boating oars with a hit and trial method and named after the Adirondack mountain region of upstate New York.