Why Should You Consider Teak Bar Furniture?

Escape to the islands with teak bar furniture that is durable and sturdy while adding a tropical flavor to your home or venue. Teak wood furniture from Classic Teak Patio Furniture stays in stellar condition no matter the weather and is built to last a lifetime. Whether you're looking to add an exotic flair to your space or are searching for high-quality furniture you can count on, a teak bar table or teak bar set is always a smart choice.
How Does Teak Bar Furniture Stand Out?
Teak wood has been used for centuries because of its durability and adaptability to a variety of conditions. The material doesn't rot or accumulate rust, and the wood is water-repellent and perfect for outside on your deck, patio, or lawn. Don't worry about termites or insects — the water-resistant qualities of the wood give it pest protection.
Besides its practical uses, homeowners love integrating teak wood into their decor because of its elegance. The warm color makes it a complementary fit for any type of surroundings, while the smooth, satiny finish gives it a classy touch while making it a dream to use. Paired with colorful cocktails and food pairings, your teak wood furniture instantly becomes a chic and polished serving and dining area that makes visitors feel welcome. Bar sets are often used to get you above your deck railing so you can enjoy the view. You most likely paid a lot for that deck and view so make the most of it with an elevated teak bar set. You may want to consider teak swivel arm chairs. It's nice to be able to turn at will to converse with guest or just to check out the full view. It also makes it a bit easier to get in and out from the table. The teak no arm side chairs are also good for easy in and out. Sit back with a drink and soak in the view, you deserve it.

What Teak Bar Furniture Is Right for Me?
When thinking about the type of teak bar furniture that's ideal for your setting, ask yourself these questions:
How much traffic does my bar see? If you're creating an intimate home bar setting, the Classic Teak Bar Table, Round High Bar Table, or Classic Oval Bar Table comfortably fit four people.
How much versatility do I need? If you require a table that can have multiple uses, from being stationed beside a barbecue, to serving buffet-style meals on, the Deluxe Console Table or Teak Buffet Table could be a perfect fit. Want to serve and store wine? The Teak Entertainment Center includes wine racks and extra shelves for drinks.
What storage requirements do I have? If storing your teak table after use is necessary, aTeak Folding Bar allows you to conveniently fold up the table when you're not using it, while the Teak Serving Cart has pivot wheels that allow it to easily travel to multiple locations.

The Classic Teak Patio Furniture Difference
When selecting teak wood furniture for your home or business, keep in mind not all providers are equal. At Classic Teak Patio Furniture, we sell products that have Forest Stewardship Council-Certified, government-regulated premium teak to provide the best teak furniture for our customers. You can rest assured your teak wood furniture will look great for decades to come.
Our products only contain Grade-A teak wood, which is the highest quality material you can buy. Grade-A teak wood is grown and replanted on sustainable government plantations. It's taken from the center of the trunk where teak oil is more concentrated which makes it more resistant to water and insects due to increased silica and rubber and oil content.
This oil concentration makes the furniture not only look more attractive but also makes lower-maintenance while appearing consistently beautiful over its long lifetime. You’ll never have to stain and re-stain; our teak wood furniture keeps its natural silver-gray patina color.
Have a Question?
At Classic Teak Patio Furniture, we also value exemplary customer service. Because we've been in the outdoor teak wood furniture industry since 1999. Our staff is expertly trained and always available to help answer any question you may have. If you need help choosing your perfect product match we're here for you. If you have inquiries about your current furniture know you're in highly knowledgeable hands. Contact us if you have any questions about us or our teak bar tables, or want a free consultation.