Classic Teak proudly introduces professional teak furniture cleaning and restoration service of all teak patio furniture including teak dining chairs, bar tables, dining tables and benches. Teak wood furniture will last a very long time but the color can change when exposed to direct sun light over time without occasional maintenance. Some people prefer the weathered look of teak but others do not. For those of you who prefer to maintain that golden brown look must think of when purchasing teak furniture you will need to properly clean and seal the wood at least once a year. recommends the following steps to maintain your teak patio furniture:

  • When you buy new teak furniture be sure to apply teak protector/sealer within  one to two weeks. It is good idea to get this service from teak furniture provider to apply sealer during purchase. Most teak suppliers offer this service at a very minimum cost.

  • To remove dirt and debris, food or any left-over food, just hose it off with plain water occasionally. If the color of the teak furniture has changed to silver patina, use teak cleaner or water and soap to clean it off. When bone dry, apply teak protector or sealer.

  • It is very common to observe mold and mildew on teak furniture especially when you leave foreign substance like dirt debris, left over food or the furniture is covered with a non-breathable cover.

  • If you leave your teak furniture out in the elements for an extended period of time without regular maintenance then it may need to first be cleaned with a pressure washer using a wide spray setting.

    Repair and Adjustment of Teak Furniture:

    It is very normal for hardware on teak furniture (especially folding teak furniture) to loosen a bit with continued use. From time to time you should tighten any   screws with a screw driver. Also, sometimes furniture slats get loosened because of the glue deteriorating over a long period of time. They should be checked periodically.

    Classic Teak Cleaning and Restorations Service.

    Classic teak provides teak furniture cleaning and restoration service for local San Francisco Bay area Customer within 100 miles radius for all commercial and residential customers and all over North California for commercial customers. Our service includes:

  • 1) Cleaning of teak furniture
    2)Teak Furniture Repair
    3)Teak Furniture Sanding
    4)Teak Furniture Sealing



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